Term and Conditions

Welcome to Logorr. This term and conditions agreement provides the legal agreement terms for the use of the services and the website. When you use our services, you are legally bound to this agreement. You are only liable to use our services if you agree to accept the mentioned terms and conditions.

Logorr without any prior notice reserves the right to change, modify, alter and update these Terms and Conditions. It is your responsibility to view the terms and condition regularly. When you use our services you agree to the terms and conditions currently in place. Hence, before using our services it is important to read our terms and conditions.
All services, projects or designs that the Company might be asked to create for the Client. They will be liable to the following:

Eligibility Requirements

If the client wants to register for our services, then the client must be above 18 years of age. Once you register as a client, you certify and confirm that you meet the entire eligibility prerequisite and that the information you provide is authentic and genuine. Logorr has the sole rights to accept or reject the registrations.


The payment shall be made by the client within 48hrs. The Client has to pay 50% of the amount at the time of placing an order and the remaining 50% before receiving final files. However, the company reserves the right to ask a client to make full payment at any time before the completion of the project.

Rights and ownership


The client shall be allowed to complete ownership of all final files created during the project upon total payment of the agreed charges.ent.


The client shall be allowed to complete ownership of all final files created during the project upon total payment of the agreed charges.


With this agreement you agree to insure and hold indemnified Logorr, its licensors, service providers, and its subsidiaries and their employees and representatives from and against all claims and expenses

Force Majeure

In the event that the execution of any part of these Terms by either party is avoided, impeded, deferred or generally made impracticable by reason of any surge, riot, fire, legal or administrative activity, disputes, or whatever other causes outside the ability to control of either party, that party should be excused from such causes.


In the event that any project is cancelled by the client after having been placed with Logorr, the client will be responsible to the company for the cost of work carried out and other costs incurred by the company till date of such cancellation. Furthermore, the client will be responsible for paying any cancellation fee incurred by Logorr to any third party which becomes due and payable as a result of such cancellation.